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Startup Spotlight: Sukhiba Connect

Sukhiba Connect is a Kenyan social commerce startup which was founded in 2021 by Ananth Gudipati (CEO) and Abhinav Solipuram (CTO). The startup developed a B2B conversational commerce tool that lets companies sell to their clients via Meta's messaging service, WhatsApp. Most recently, Sukhiba Connect raised $1.5 million in funding to expand beyond the country's borders. The funding round was led by CRE Venture Capital with participation from Antler, EQ2 Ventures, Goodwater Capital, Chandaria Capital, and several angel investors. The funds will be used to expand beyond Kenya's borders.

Startup Spotlight: Sukhiba Connect | The Business Anecdote

Initially, Sukhiba Connect was a community commerce platform that combined buyer orders and made it easier for manufacturers to purchase in bulk. However, the asset-heavy and capital-intensive model forced them to switch to conversational commerce in the middle of the previous year. Now, sellers can send notifications, group customers, manage orders, and take local payment options like M-PESA, a mobile money service. Customers can peruse product catalogues, add or remove items from carts, and even complete the checkout process without ever leaving WhatsApp.

Sukhiba Connect's B2B conversational commerce tool has enabled businesses to reach out to and sell to their customers via WhatsApp. According to the company, over 30 businesses have used WhatsApp commerce, most of which are large distributors and manufacturers serving nearly 15,000 MSMEs, including retailers. Manufacturers use Sukhiba to help their sales teams expand their customer base and reach new areas as most of their sales teams are offline. Sukhiba has also created several tools that enable manufacturers to customize in-app support based on routes by allocating customers to sales representatives.

Startup Spotlight: Sukhiba Connect |

Sukhiba Connect's innovative approach towards social commerce is commendable. Their B2B conversational commerce tool has enabled businesses to reach out to their customers via WhatsApp. The company's focus on manufacturers and distributors is noteworthy as it helps them streamline their sales process and expand their customer base. The recent funding round will enable Sukhiba Connect to expand beyond Kenya's borders and reach new markets.



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