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The Business Anecdote: A startup publishing company owned by a British Nigerian

One of the biggest problems facing startups at the moment is publicity. Getting the attention of the Forbes, Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine is quite difficult. In most cases these companies are only interested in publishing stories about you if you’ve just gone through a funding round or sold your company for millions of dollars.

The Business Anecdote: A publishing startup creating free press for Small businesses & Entrepreneurs

A publishing startup called The Business Anecdote has set out to change this. Founded by Hubert Nomamiukor, a British Engineer and Social Activist, The Business Anecdote was launched a year ago and has already featured names such as Kara Goldin, Arlene Dickinson, Wes Hall, Kim Perell, Heather Monahan, Hala Taha, Shay Rowbottom and several other top Business leaders on its magazine cover.

Sticking to its founding principles, The Business Anecdote features the 1% on its cover but the 99% within its magazine. The 1% usually consist of high profile Business leaders and Entrepreneurs who run million dollar companies. While the 99% are mostly new startups or up and coming Entrepreneurs that need free press and are desperate to get their story out there. The goal being for the 1% to drive traffic to the magazine and give the 99% the exposure they require.

The Business Anecdote: A publishing startup creating free press for Small businesses & Entrepreneurs

In the span of one year The Business Anecdote has built a high performing SEO driving platform. 90% of the articles which are published on their website, rank on the first page of Google and Bing. This ensures that small businesses and entrepreneurs they write about get organic traffic on search engines, which is more powerful than any social media post can do for them. While social media is a great platform to provide media exposure, it is only as effective as the number of people that read that post. On the other hand, ranking for a keyword on search engine ensures that people will always find you on Google or Bing, not just one social media post. This has been The Business Anecdote’s core strategy for providing small businesses and Entrepreneurs free organic press.

In addition to their SEO strategy, The Business Anecdote has a growing presence on Social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Like most startups, The Business Anecdote was self funded by Hubert Nomamiukor. He build their website himself and initially did the designs for the magazine until he got a number of volunteers in to help. Hubert has built a sustainable growing publishing business that operates at a low cost. His vision is to compete with the likes of Forbes and Business Insider but is happy with the progress he has made so far, especially with the limited resources he has access to.

To learn more about The Business Anecdote visit their website at

If you have a great startup story and you need free press or you would like to sponsor one of their magazine Issue, please contact them at

It gets better, The Business Anecdote magazines are for free. You can get the latest digital copy of their magazine by subscribing at

The Business Anecdote: A publishing startup creating free press for Small businesses & Entrepreneurs

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