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About us

ChangeinAfrica Magazine is a UK based publication and social enterprise that produces a weekly business publication and a monthly entertainment edition for free. We started this publication to show that the black community are as talented and resourceful as any other race. More importantly, that they can stand on equal footing in any sector or industry you look at.

The ChangeinAfrica Business Magazine also known as CIAB Magazine, features interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. They share their entrepreneurial journeys, influences and knowledge with us. Alot of these business leaders either own a business in Africa, invest in Africa, plan to invest in Africa, are from Africa or are from the black community in general. 

Our Entertainment magazines showcase African talent and culture across the globe.

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Our mission

To promote the black and African community.

To support women empowerment especially in Africa.

To promote equality, diversity and inclusivity.

To promote environmental and business sustainability

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